Prof. Dr. med. Florim Cuculi

Interventional Cardiologist, Lucerne Switzerland

Co-Chief Department of Cardiology
Heart Centre Lucerne, Lucerne Kantonsspital
Director Cardio Center Luzern,
Luzern Switzerland

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“I was born in the Republic of North Macedonia in 1976 and moved to Switzerland when I was 14. My father was working in Switzerland since the early 1980's as a construction worker. Growing up in a new country was tough but I succeeded with hard work and with the help of people who believed in me. I started studying Medicine in the University of Basel in 1998 and graduated in 2004. After graduation I trained in Internal Medicine in Lucerne (2005-2006) and in Cardiology in Lucerne (2007), Berne (2008-2009) and Oxford, UK (2009-2012). In 2012 I came back to Switzerland and started my career as interventional cardiologist in Lucerne and became in 2018 the Co-Chief of Cardiology in Luzerner Kantonsspital. In 2019 we established Cardio Center Luzern, a new Cardiology Practice in the city center of Lucerne. I see my outpatients @ Cardio Center Luzern and perform the invasive procedures in the Heart Center Lucerne @ Luzerner Kantonsspital. Although I have a very busy agenda, I am surrounded by fantastic people in Kantonsspital and also in Cardio Center Lucerne. Heart-Care is teamwork and being surrounded by people who offer high-quality service to our patients inspires me day by day. I speak German, Albanian, English, Serbo-Croatian and a little bit of French. For outpatients appointments please contact Cardio Center Luzern. “

More than 13 years cardiology experience

More than 5000 coronary interventions

More than 130 publications

Healthy Heart

Change the lifestyle

Up to 80 percent of strokes and even 90 percent of heart attacks could be prevented with a change in lifestyle. The following points will help.

Get rid of excess weight

Studies show that belly fat significantly increases the risk of heart attacks: in men from 94 cm waist circumference, in women from 80 cm.

Avoid stress

Chronic stress in particular puts a massive strain on the heart and circulation. Create balance in everyday life, on weekends and in your annual planning.

Proper nutrition

Consume less salt, sugar and fatty acids, i.e. less meat, sausage, butter and palm oil. And don't forget to drink enough! But no alcohol, because it poses a health risk in any form and quantity.

Quitting smoking

The consumption of tobacco damages the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. Experts believe that every cigarette shortens life by almost half an hour.

Blood pressure and values

Only those who have their values measured regularly can recognize negative changes in good time and do something about them.


Tringa Ahmetaj

A kind, welcoming, and professional doctor with an amazing staff. From April to November I have seen many doctors in the Balkans, who also did a electrophysiology study without a need or positive result. I've had so many therapies, all of which have failed. Finally, I decided to go to Luzern, and I was extremely lucky to go to Cardio Center Luzern. Dr. Florimi with a light therapy has made me feel already better, which sometimes feels like I'm dreaming after all of what I've been through. All of those suffers have come to an end as soon as I met this doctor. I've been told many times that I have to undergo difficult treatments, and even operations. After a long visit with doctor Florimi, he came to the conclusion that I don't need to get operated, but a simple and relatively light therapy will help me manage my condition better. It is thanks to this amazing doctor, that I am feeling a lot better and optimistic about my journey! I feel like I was reborn. Not everyone does their job with the heart like doctor Florimi. I highly recommend you pay a visit to him if you need a heart expert who will make you feel warm, welcomed, and already healthier.

Fatmir Emini

Es hat sich schon mal gelohnt aus Lupfig (Aargau) nach Luzern zu fahren, um die erste Besprechung sowie die Meinung von den geschätzten Prof.Dr.Forim Cuculli zu holen. Die schnelle Problemerkennung, die dazu passende Erklärung durch das Wissen von Dr. Cuculi sowie die weitereb eingeleitete Schritte waren top, profesionell und sehr beruhigend für uns👌. Für den ersten Eindruck sind wir sehr zufrieden und sehr dankbar dafür. Die ganze Praxis top und vor allem das Cardio-Team mega nett und freundlich👌👍. Ich freue mich auf die nächste Untersuchung🤗. Empfehlendswert. Machet eifach witer so (vetëm përpara)👏👍 Herzliche Grüsse💝 Fatmir&Luke

Heshu Aliu

Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit dem Team und der Arbeit des Cardio Centers. Durch das tiefe Wissen von Herrn Dr. Cuculi wurde das Problem schnell erkannt und die weiteren Schritte eingeleitet. Nach nun einem Jahr Therapie, fühlt sich meine Mutter fit und munter. Auch hervorzuheben, die sehr nette und zuvorkommende Betreuung. Somit lohnte es sich auch von Basel nach Luzern zu fahren.

Lea Jer

Sehr professionelles Team, Patient steht im Mittelpunkt und wird ihm die Sicherheit vermittelt, welche er braucht! Kann aus eigener Erfahrung nur empfehlen, da is das Herz in Händen mit einem grossen 💔! Nur weiter so!

Bartek Tomas

I recommend, they are fast and competent! :) Already after 40 minutes and several tests I knew that everything is fine with my heart because for a week I had pressure in the heart, and it turned out that it was only bones in the zebra!

Sofia Fylli

I would rate my self as a very difficult patient as I get super stressed and ask millions of questions. All doctors there where extremely patient with me taking the time to explain procedures and put my mind at ease. Very professional and amazing treatment. Would definitely recommend.





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